We are a small German/Italian company called Mezzanotte. We are passion driven and manufacture hand crafted bags made of finest Italian leather. Our bags are named after cities which usually reflect the city by the materials we combine for that bag, or a story we want to share about it. We wanted to make a bag that makes us feel happy not only out but also on the inside. A bag which we can't resist to open. A bag we love to stick our hands into because it feels of softest to our skin - which is why each and every one is lined only with finest leather.

The leathers chosen for our handbags are made for Mezzanotte by selected suppliers in Italy. Our leather handbags are handcrafted exclusively relying on the tradition of experienced artisans to satisfy our highest demands on quality and on production facilities. Our production is accomplished employing strict ecological standards and modern technologies. It is Mezzanotte’s philosophy to demand the highest standards throughout the complete process for each and every handbag.

Mezzanotte leather handbags fascinate: They mirror our devotion to detailed craftsmanship, as well as our attention to functionality and their expression of a feminine look. This is reflected in the incomparable interior of each bag - coming alive in a combination of luxurious leathers, functionality, design, and craftsmanship.

Each touch of our sensuous leather creates a flattering event and leaves you with the desire for more. Experience Mezzanotte handbags, experience the unique and live exceptionality!